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Heatherwick reuses spotlights at London studio

Heatherwick Studio London

Over 90 Erco spotlights are being upgraded from halogen to LED and reused at Heatherwick Studio in London.

The design practice – headed by Thomas Heatherwick and famous for creating the new London Routemaster Bus, the 2012 Olympic cauldron and the Vessel in New York – insisted on retaining the luminaires when it took over the former home of fashion brand Diesel Clothing off Gray’s Inn Road.

The Erco TM fittings were in the showroom on the second floor of the building. They have housings of powder-coated cast aluminum and are mounted on three-circuit track. They originally had single-ended metal halide lamps.

Eulum Design technician works on an Erco TM luminaire

A Eulum Design technician works on an Erco TM luminaire

Eulum Design took the fittings to its workshop in Essex where it removed the lamp mountings and control gear and replaced with LED modules. Crucially, they matched the optic of the original so that any changes to the look and feel of the showroom would be imperceptible.

Eulum Design is a custom OEM component supplier and luminaire maker which has in recent years become known as a ‘remanufacturer of last resort’.

The – headed by lighting industry veteran Marcus Worthington – says it will take on the remanufacturing projects ‘that no one else will touch’.

It has its own proprietary Bluetooth control platform which integrates with the Casambi app.

It recently reconditioned and reconfigured a 3.3m television prop of a quantum computer, turning it into a dramatic signature pendants fitting for mathematician and television presenter Hannah Fry.

‘Being fully vertically integrated with our own electronic design and assembly house, we can develop quicker and better parts to fit the product rather than trying to shoe-horn in a standard component,’ says Worthington. ‘We make everything from our own drivers and Bluetooth Mesh components to simple LED boards.’

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Main pic: Angelika Angermeier Inset pic: David Thrower/Redshift Photography

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