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iGuzzini unveils luminaires made from linen

iGuzzini Light Shed Linen

What’s being acclaimed as the first professional lighting product made from linen has been unveiled by iGuzzini.

The Italian brand says that the new linen version of its Light Shed is lighter and more sustainable than the others in the range.

The company says it is the result of innovative research into materials and processes that can cut environmental impact.

iGuzzini points out that flax, the plant from which linen is made, absorbs carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime. To grow, flax needs only rainwater, and no artificial irrigation. Flax is also very sturdy and therefore needs no pesticides or fertilisers, so it preserves soil and groundwater too. It is also extremely light.

The company collaborated with the Chemistry Interdisciplinary Project at the University of Camerino in Italy and the Marches Applied Research Laboratory for Innovative Composites to develop a bio-based material from a natural polymer matrix (NFPP) fibre that has real strength, durability and stability for a luminaire.

A light sensor built into the Light Shed Linen luminaire activates artificial light only when natural light needs replacing. Alternatively, integrated wireless or wired sensors like Organic Response, Bluetooth and DALI-2 can also easily be managed by voice command, smartphones or smart buttons, help to lower energy consumption with overall savings of up to 90 per cent.

The light has an efficacy of 136 lm/W and a variable colour temperature, from 2700K to 6500K, that follows the dynamism of nature.

iGuzzini says that the light distribution from Light Shed Linen increases the perception of space by balancing luminance on different planes and helping achieve optimum horizontal and vertical semi-cylindrical lighting levels. It has a glare index of UGR<19.

It can also integrate a loudspeaker, camera or environment sensor.

The company says the linen version represents a reduction in carbon footprint of 53 per cent and reduction in water use during manufacture of 18.4 per cent.

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