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Lightgraphix introduces replaceable modules

Lightgraphix RLE

LIGHTGRAPHIX HAS introduced a replaceable light engine service for 18 of its leading products.

The UK firm says that the RLE system provides customers with an unlimited ability to repair and upgrade LED fittings at any stage in their lifecycle, renewing them for decades, with minimal material waste as a result.

Based on a single modular LED engine insert consisting of the LED and optic, the repair or upgrade can be conducted onsite, removing the need to return the fitting to us to await repair.

The LED engine insert is simply specified in a chosen configuration, ordered, and delivered to the site. Relinquished engine inserts can then be returned to Lightgraphix for recycling.

The company says it’s the first manufacturer to implement this kind of innovation across a miniature range of exterior products, which maintain an IP67 rating. The system has been subject to rigorous submersion, heat and environmental factor testing at our onsite facilities.

After testing and development, the new exterior rated RLE 1 system is the latest to be integrated into a range of miniature products that are suitable for external use, joining the existing RLE2 and RLE3 systems, which have been available on our LD42, LD43 and miniature downlight ranges for several years.

The system features a modular engine insert which allows LED engines to be replaced and upgraded with the latest technology. New colour temperatures and optics can be specified with the replacement engine insert .

The RLE system’s modular design varies between product groups, but all LED engine inserts apply the same principles. In the next few months, Lightgraphix will be transitioning more miniature products like the LD56 to a live RLE system status.

In a statement, the company said: ‘For us, tackling the miniature range is just the start of our RLE system initiative and marks a significant step towards achieving our environmental goals.

‘We are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we design and manufacture products and look forward to sharing our full environmental policy with the industry soon.’

Ray Molony

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