Lighting for a Circular Economy – LUX Awards 2018

A circular approach seeks to minimise both the quantity of virgin raw materials needed and the quantity of waste produced.

To achieve this, products, their components, and the materials from which they are made, need to be kept in use and circulation longer by manufacturers and end users.

The Lighting Industry has made huge leaps in designing more sustainable products, but more could be done.

 This year, the LUX Awards 2018 have a category for designing for a Circular Economy, sponsored by Recolight

Entries will be judged that fit in with any of the following:

  • Sourcing recycled raw materials rather than virgin.
  • Extending the lifetime of lighting product.
  • Seeking opportunities to re-manufacture, or re-use products and components that are being replaced.
    Glass covers, enclosures, and heat sinks may be good candidates.
  • Changing the design of products to make them more modular, with the opportunity to replace or upgrade key components such as the LED light source.
  • Pay per lux models in which the producer retains ownership of product can facilitate re-use, re-sale, or harvesting of critical components.
  • Assess the recyclability of materials used when making products.
    Which can be recycled, and which materials should be phased out? Avoid combining materials (e.g. plastics and metals) in a way that it reduces their recyclability.
  • Helping your customer to manage waste during an LED roll-out.
  • Reduced carbon footprint of the manufacturing, distribution, and waste collection.

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circular economy, LUX Awards 2018

Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO, awarded LUX Man of the Year in 2012. The first year the award was introduced and a proud moment for Recolight.

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