Managing your lamp container and collections

Waste lamps are fragile and unlike other WEEE need to be handled and stored with care to avoid breakage.

Recolight provide extensive safety guidance for collection partners helping them stay compliant. 


The Recolight RB19 lamp container

The Recolight RB19 container design is based on lamp containers used across Europe, but it has been enhanced to make it suitable for the UK and made watertight.

It is designed to store fluorescent and LED lamps.

The container can hold up to 1000 linear lamps, which equates to approximately 250kg.


Storing your waste lamps

To avoid breakage, lamps must be stacked horizontally in the container.
Where possible, an additional container should be used for non-liner lamps.


Your container is for lamps only – all packaging must be removed.
TIP – Place  a recycling bin for cardboard next to your RB19 for packaging.


Check list for managing your lamp container

  • Follow the RB19 assembly instructions and guidance for use
  • Store RB19 on a hard non permeable surface, clear form any obstructions and accessible for collection.
  • When not in use the lid must be closed and if stored outside, the lid must be locked.
  • Book your collection when container is 90% full to avoid going over the Fill Line.

You will find comprehensive information on our pages for Managing your site.


Sodium & xenon lamps

Recolight have issued specialist guidance for collection and treatment of:

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