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Pendants lights made from pasta

The Greenfill 3D Eco Brilanta Brano made from wheat bran from pasta

A range of pendants made from bio materials including the pasta by-product  wheat bran, potato starch and cornstarch has been unveiled by Polish firm Greenfill 3D.

The company says that the 3D-printed Eco Lamps range is fully biodegradable under industrial conditions or compostable at home.

The Eco Brilanta Brano variant is made of the world’s only material based on wheat bran. The wheat bran used in the material is a production waste from the pasta-making process.

The company created it as part of an R&D project carried out in cooperation with Maspex Group – one of the largest food producers in Europe and a major supplier of spaghetti. Originally, ECO POS – innovative advertising stands presenting Lubella brand pasta in large-area stores – were realised from bran material. COLORISED decided to use it for its proprietary ECO Lamp.

The material is a composite of wheat bran, polylactide (a bioplastic made from corn starch) and other fully biodegradable ingredients, which together give the material its unique properties.
Once manufactured, ECO Lamps are resilient and somewhat flexible (depending on the thickness of the wall), which makes them quite difficult to break.

A large share of these properties is due to the fibrous structure of wheat bran, which provides the aforementioned resilience on the one hand, and the unique roughness of the surface on the other.

Moreover, during the manufacturing process, the material has a smell of baked bread, which lingers on the finished Eco Lamps for some time.

The firm says that the pendant lamp – which retails at €250 – has a very complex external and internal structure, impossible to make using traditional manufacturing techniques. It lights up with a warm, honey-coloured light.

The bio ranges were developed by Greenfill 3D for Colorised, a provider of eco-friendly solutions for luxury interiors.

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