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Period lights upgraded at school

Bradford Grammar School

A series of striking period luminaires in a school in the north of England have been reconditioned and upgraded to LED technology.

Bradford Grammar School approached Leeds-based Kemps Architectural Lighting for assistance dealing with the light fittings, which used energy-hungry halogen sources.

The school authorities wanted to see if Kemps could provide a suitable retro-fit LED solution to the six existing brass lanterns within what’s called Price Hall.

Each lantern was internally illuminated by expensive, old and in-efficient halogen bulbs which consumed approximately 800W and provided poor light quality with similar lumen levels associated with old lighting technology.

Kemps’ engineers designed a new retro-fit aluminium gear tray to contain the new LEDs and drivers to bring these old lanterns back to their once former glory.

Power consumption has been reduced from 800W down to 480W with the lumens now at 60,000, up significantly from the previous optimistic 30,000. The colour temperature of the LEDs is now at 4000K which is far more suitable for the luminaires in this environment and provides a much higher quality light for this multi purpose hall, says the company.

‘This is a great example of the reuse of existing luminaires’, says Kemps Architectural Lighting’s managing director Mark Kemp. ‘We have upgraded the light source instead of looking at total replacement which would have been far more costly and damaging for the environment.

‘These luminaires have been restored and are now covered by our five year warranty which covers all parts and our labour.’

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Ray Molony

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