Recolight collects lighting industry data for Defra

Recolight is inviting household luminaire producers to provide information that will help determine how the WEEE regulations might affect the lighting industry in 2019.

In 2019 the WEEE Regulations move to what is termed “Open scope”.  This means that certain products, such as household luminaires, will come into scope of the regulations.  The Government is now considering how best to do this.

Producers have been asked to provide data for the total sales tonnage of:

  • Luminaires with an external dimension greater than 50cm
  • Luminaires with no external dimension greater than 50cm

Using this information, the Government will decide if they would like to stay with the current 14 WEEE categories, or to move to 6 new categories.  They have indicated that they are currently minded to retain the 14 category system.

Commenting on the announcement, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said “To get the best outcome for the lighting industry we need to hear as many views as possible.  We particularly need the total weight of household luminaires currently sold in the UK.  The change will not take effect until 2019, but now is the time to get our data submitted.  That means the Government will have time to change the regulations, if necessary.”

All LED and gas discharge lamps are reported in their own category, so lamps are not impacted by the change.

Defra is currently seeking industry views, and asked the WEEE Scheme forum, of which Recolight is an active member, to provide them with the data they need.

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