Recolight welcomes Government consultation on ‘dual use’ products

This week the Government announced a short consultation to amend the way the business WEEE system works.  The Government intends to change the classification of products sold to businesses that can be used both by consumers and businesses.  These so called “dual use” products will now be classified as consumer products for WEEE.

Most lamps are widely considered as dual use – a long-held policy position by Lighting Europe.  For example, linear fluorescent tubes, CFLs, and most LED lamps could be used by both businesses and consumers.  Perhaps the main exceptions to this position would be most HID lamps, and coated shatterproof lamps, which would probably still be regarded as B2B under the amended system.

Under the WEEE regulations, Producers of consumer products are required to finance their market share of the recycling that actually arises. The proposed change will therefore mean that producers of dual use lamps may be required to take responsibility for their market share of lamp recycling.

This change is likely to be well-accepted by stakeholders in the electrical industry, as indicated by the results of a recent survey Recolight ran in partnership with Voltimum. When asked if they thought the Government should set higher targets for business and household WEEE recycling, 90 percent of the 780 respondents to the survey answered affirmatively. In addition, 95 percent of the stakeholders surveyed think that all lamp producers should be required to offer free lamp recycling, with 70 percent rating Recolight’s free lamp recycling service as very important for encouraging more recycling.

Commenting on the BIS announcement, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said “We think this is the right approach for lighting.  In implementing dual use, BIS is adopting a system already widely used elsewhere in Europe.   Dual use will result in a more balanced system in the UK, with more producers taking responsibility for their market share of recycling.  That seems eminently fair.”

He added “Recolight has consistently adopted a dual use approach since 2007 – by providing a free lamp recycling service for B2B end users, as well as meeting its B2C obligations.  We therefore wholeheartedly welcome this move.  The change gives an opportunity for all in the lighting industry to play their part in ensuring that recycling takes place.”

If the proposed change proceeds, producers may be required to categorise their 2014 sales using the broader definition of B2C by the end of January 2015.

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