Recolight welcomes Government support for fairer WEEE system

On 11 October, the Government announced its decision to fundamentally change the household WEEE system in the UK.

Responding to the news, Nigel Harvey, Chief Executive of leading lighting compliance scheme Recolight said:  “The Government has chosen option 3 from the four household WEEE options it was considering.  At a stroke, this will eliminate the ‘must buy’ market and the WEEE evidence trading that blight the current system.  The result is a mechanism that can, provided it is implemented correctly, drive up household recycling rates, improve traceability and prevent excessive third party costs.”

He added “Recolight, the Lighting Industry Association, and others have worked within the wider Joint Trade Association (JTA), to push for regulatory change.  Many of Recolight’s producer members also responded to the Government’s consultation.  As a result, we now have a system which should ensure that WEEE is sustainable in the long term.”

Turning to some of the detail in the new legislation, Harvey said “For the lighting industry, there are several important outcomes that are expected to come into effect from the beginning of 2014:

  1. Gas Discharge Lamps and LED light sources will be in the same category.  This is a common sense approach which recognises the change taking place in the lighting market.  It also reduces the risk of an unfunded fluorescent lamp waste stream in the years to come.
  2. The change to the household WEEE system means the threat that independent waste collectors could charge excessive costs has gone.
  3. The draft legislation includes a de minimis of 5 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment put on the market, below which there is no requirement for a producer to join a scheme.  Recolight will be writing to all members affected to explain their options.
  4. The non-household (B2B) WEEE system remains largely unchanged.  Recolight will continue to provide a free collection and recycling service through 1500 Recolight collection points right across the UK.”

He concluded “There is a short consultation on the draft regulations which closes on 1 November.”

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