Recycling targets and the WEEE compliance fee explained

Each year the government sets national recycling targets for all streams of WEEE, including lamps. Each WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme receives a share of the target, based on the market share of its members in the prior year.

Under or over target – the compliance fee

If a Producer Compliance scheme misses their target, they must pay a compliance fee for the tonnage shortfall.  Schemes which don’t offer a recycling service rely on buying recycling certificates (evidence notes) from other schemes, or on paying a compliance fee.  The law requires that the compliance fee be set at a level that is higher than the cost of recycling.

The Recolight approach to meeting the target

Recolight provide our customers (and their customers) with a free lamp recycling service. This means we should always be able to collect sufficient waste lamps to meet our target, unless the target is set unrealistically high.   So we should never have to rely on the Compliance fee to any great extent, or charge a Compliance Fee supplement.  That helps keep our charges low.

Why Recolight are different – simple per unit charging

Recolight offers a straightforward approach to charging producer members.  A flat, per lamp, or per luminaire charge, is based on actual in-year sales.

This is simple for companies to build into their budget, and means Recolight members do not need to be concerned about WEEE market share, targets, or the compliance fee.

Other compliance schemes may charge their members a compliance fee supplement, but Recolight will not.


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