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Reuse marketplace finds homes for used lights.

used lights

A REUSE marketplace which matches donors and recipients of used construction products and materials is seeing an increased amount of lighting being transferred.

Globechain is currently listing large quantities of bedside lights, modular 600x600s, glass globe pendants, freestanding floor lamps, wall lights and track systems.

The platform, which has been compared to a free Ebay, is aimed at the commercial sector and allows participants to manage and track items, reduce costs, increase transparency and generate ESG data for reporting.

It offers external reuse via the marketplace and an internal reuse and loaning asset inventory system.

The platform has already got users in the construction, hospitality, education, retail, office and medical sectors.

The Globechain websiteWhen items are listed on the Globechain marketplace, alert emails are sent to all members who have registered and signed up to receive alerts. Items are usually requested within 12 to 24 hours.The listing member chooses who the items go to. The members chat and agree on a collection date and time.The

members fill out a feedback form on the transfer and the information is used to create case studies and collect ESG data.

The website was born when founder May Al-Karooni realised no one had digitised the waste industry when the bank she worked for moved offices across the road.

Rather than moving their office furniture, most of which was in perfect condition, they disposed of it all and purchased brand new furniture.

Seeing this immense waste was a revelation; she knew there were charities and people that needed these items, and that her bank had also incurred high fees for both the disposal and repurchase of the furniture.

This revelation resulted in the birth of Globechain, and with £800 May set up the first Globechain website.

She chose to self-fund initially since there was no market or access to funding for services like Globechain, a materials exchange platform at the time.

Since then, Globechain has grown significantly, with valuable product features such as ESG data reporting and Internal Sharing for businesses. Today, Globechain is the biggest reuse marketplace worldwide, with over 10,000 members operating in the UK, Spain, the UAE and New York.

Ray Molony

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