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Shop spotlights are reused at art school

EGG Lighting spotlights removed from a Manchester department store

A set of outdated spotlights from a Manchester department store have been reused in an art school in a remanufacturing project by Scottish firm EGG Lighting.

The lights were transported to the company’s Glasgow factory where the company disassembled each spotlight, cleaned it, inspected it, and replaced any worn or damaged parts.

The light source was upgraded to LED.

It then reassemble the spotlight and tested it to ensure that it meets necessary standards.

The reconditioned and upgraded luminaires are 30 per cent lower cost that buying new equivalents, says EGG Lighting. They also come with a full warranty.

The remanufactured spotlights feature wireless Casambi drivers for gateway-free app-based lighting control. This makes it easy for the school to manage its lighting and create the right atmosphere for its students and faculty.

The projected environmental impact of the project is a carbon impact reduction of 523.2 kgCO2e and an avoidance of material going into the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment stream of 26.6 kg.

The company has several hundred surplus of the remanufactured spotlights which it says it will sell to other customers.

EGG believes that remanufacture is the most sophisticated circular technique and upgrades used lighting to modern performance with minimum waste.

Many organisations are forced to send slow-moving, returned or surplus stock to be recycled. EGG’s circular service is designed to turn these problems into opportunities for all involved. Recycling, in the view of the circular economy, should be the last resort. It downgrades materials; losing residual component value.

EGG Lighting’s remanufacturing is a process guided by the British Standard for remanufacture and is conducted in-line with UK lighting industry and legal requirements. Its approach joins together waste management, engineering, documentation, testing and manufacture to maximise the value of otherwise waste lighting equipment.  It also gives the business the confidence to offer as-new warranties.

In 2021, EGG Lighting won both Build Back Better GOLD and Build Back Better GREEN awards for its remanufacturing service.

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