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Shoplight adds to bio-polymer range

Shoplight track mounted spotlight Nort GS

UK retail lighting specialist Shoplight has added a track mounted spotlight to its bio-polymer product range.

The Nort GS is the third product in the range, along with the original Nort and Colt Bio downlight, all forming part of our Circulight system.
They are modular in design, allowing them to be repaired or upgraded quickly, can be covered by the company’s Service Plan and,uniquely, can be returned to us at end of life for a credit towards new bio-polymer products. ‘There is no reason to be buying aluminium lighting and disposing of it at end of life,’ says the firm, ‘particularly as, for example, 86 per cent of Nort and 72 per cent of Nort GS can be recycled or reused.

The luminaires are 3D printed and assembled in the UK and, being digital files, can be adapted infinitely to suit each client’s requirements.

Peterborough-based Shoplight has also invested in its own 3devo shredder for recycling the surplus plastic from the production of the Nort. It is also promising a take-back scheme for its bioplastic products, including the Nort.

It says it can reuse all major components and reform the plastic back into new products. It’s also boasts a patented cooling system to take the heat away from the LED sources.

Shoplight also has a remanufacturing service for retailers and hospitality customers, dubbed Recycle. The company removes the luminaires from the store onsite and replaces them with temporary loaned replacements. It then upgrades the LED module and drivers and returns the upgraded light to the store. The luminaire has been tested and warrantied for five years.

Stoplight says the new LED module and driver will typically reduce the energy consumption by between 15 and 20 per cent due to the improved efficiencies of new LED modules.

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