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Shoplight offers £12 for used lights in take-back scheme

UK retail lighting specialist Shoplight has launched a circular lighting policy dubbed Circu-light.

UK retail lighting specialist Shoplight has launched a take-back scheme and is offering up to £12 for each used luminaire returned to the company.

The take-back scheme is one element of a comprehensive circular lighting policy dubbed Circu-light.

Circu-light encourages retailers to ‘trade-in’ their end-of-life aluminium store lighting rather than send it to landfill through our scrappage scheme, introduces a Buy-Back scheme for our bioplastic fittings so that they can be recycled and re-used and introduces a service plan, extending the life of the firm’s bioplastic products beyond their warranty period.

The company says that the initiative  breaks the linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model for retail lighting.

The buy-back scheme applies to all Shoplight bioplastic products. Through the initiative, every returned bioplastic product earns credit for the original purchaser.

This credit can be put toward the purchase of a new bioplastic product, encouraging a more sustainable approach to retail lighting. Current credit values are £12 per Nort spotlight, £6 for the Nort GS version as well as the Colt Bio luminaire.
The other elements fo the plan are a scrappage scheme, a service offer and a recycling option.

The company says it has invested in technology and machinery that allow us to shred bioplastic parts and reform them into brand new products. It says the approach significantly reduces landfill waste and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable retail lighting.

‘For too long, the lighting industry has focused principally on energy through use as a way of measuring environmental damage, rather than considering the carbon emissions of a product through manufacture, transport and use,’ said company boss Mark Shortland. ‘Our industry has often been guilty of having no answer to the question of what happens to our products at end of life.

‘Today that changes with the launch of Circu-light’.

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