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Signify unveils 210lm/W LED tube

LED tube

SIGNIFY has launched an ultra efficient LED tube with an efficiency of 210 lumens per Watt.

The MASTER LEDtube UE meets the criteria of the ambitious new EU energy labelling and eco-design framework for an A rating.

Under these updated rules, lighting products need energy efficiency of at least 210 lm/W to receive an A grade, the highest rating.

Traditional linear fluorescent lamps typically have efficacies of between 70 and 100 lm/W.

They will be axed in August 2023 under the amended RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) EU directive.

The MASTER LEDtube UE has a rated life of 100,000 hours compared to a typical life of an LED tube of 30,000 hours. It has a relatively cool colour temperature of 4000K,  colour rendering index of 80 and a beam angle is 160 degrees.

It’s available in two power versions: 11.9W which delivers 2,500 lumens and 17.6W which delivers 3,700 lumens.

The end cap is rotatable so light can be directed where it is needed.

It features a plastic design which makes it shatterproof to the IEC 61549 standard.

Signify says that if a 17.6W version MASTER LEDtube UE replaces a standard LED tube with a wattage of 31.5W, it would result in energy saving of up to 44 per cent or around £1,300, depending on use.

‘We’ve created our most energy-efficient tube yet, and now’s a time when it’s needed more than ever,’ Michael Rombouts, business unit leader LED Lamps and Luminaires at Signify, told the Circular Lighting Report.

The company is promising ultra-efficient GU10 LED spots in September.

Signify’s drive to ultra efficient lamps was accelerated in 2017 when the company produced the so-called Dubai Lamp for the Emirate.

The Dubai Lamp was to be the first commercially available LED lamp that achieves 200lm/W.

Ray Molony

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