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Signify: We want standardisation in the industry

The UK and Ireland’s largest lighting manufacturer has called for standardisation and regulation in the industry to manage the transition to a circular economy.

Steve Meadows, services and operations director at Signify UKI, said the company was increasingly being asked to supply environmental metrics.

“What will become the industry norm we are yet to see,” he told Circular Lighting Report editor Ray Molony. “The prevalence of certain requests – and it does vary quite dramatically from the specification arena to some specific end user requirements – we can provide information on specifics of our ranges based on that. We’re very open. ”

“[but] we’re looking for standardisation and regulation within the industry.” He said that since the company declared carbon neutrality back in 2020, it had done a ‘myriad of different things’ to gear up for the circular economy.

“The focus from our global board level, from our CEO, has been very much always focused on sustainability. It forms part of our five pillar strategy as a global organisation.”

“We did announce to the market that we were carbon neutral but it wasn’t purely an offsetting exercise. We looked at what behaviours and what technologies within our portfolios we could use to really benefit what we were driving towards.”

“So there were over 200 different separate initiatives that we embarked upon on a global basis.”

Measures to help customers include extended lifetimes for LED luminaires, connected technology and 3D printing to order.


Ray Molony

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