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Stoane Lighting appoints sustainability chief

Irene Mazzei

Edinburgh-based luminaire manufacturer Stoane Lighting has appointed Irene Mazzei as its sustainability lead.

Mazzei will focus on the sustainability of materials and manufacturing processes, assisting the company in its journey to achieve low-impact light fittings.
With a Chemistry doctorate, a Materials Science academic background and a passion for sustainability, Mazzei shaped her career to focus on practical issues, tackling environmental challenges and finding tangible solutions.

As part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Stoane Lighting and Edinburgh Napier University, Mazzei added vital impact quantification to Stoane’s sustainability strategy.
She has also spent much of her time sharing her research with lighting designers, manufacturers, and practitioners across the wider built environment, focusing on the importance of harmonised environmental impact assessment strategies across the lighting industry.

As a follow-up from the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, in her new role as Stoane Lighting’s Sustainability Lead, she will continue to interface with national and international initiatives with the aim of promoting consistent and harmonised practices for the environmental assessment of lighting.

Her Materials Science background will conveniently merge with Life Cycle Assessment to advise the best solutions for sustainable design and manufacturing of lighting products.
In addition, Mazzei will lead on an environmental impact assessment service that she believes will be beneficial to lighting equipment specifiers.
She can analyse the relative impacts of buying new over re-manufacturing, can provide detailed assessment of products and design details in order to quantify and reduce impacts at the specification stage.

With a tremendous depth of knowledge on sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment, she can help with navigating terminology, standards and interpreting and comparing data.
Mazzei has also spoken at industry events, such as last year’s Circular Lighting Live event, organised by Recolight and held at the Royal College of Physicians in London.

• Diary date: Circular Lighting Live 2024, Recolight’s flagship conference and exhibition, takes place on Wednesday 9 October 2024 at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Free to specifiers, Circular Lighting Live 2024 will feature leading experts, specifiers and policy makers who will share their insights into forthcoming standards and legislation, emerging technologies and new business models. More info:

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