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Stoane Lighting wins King’s Award for sustainability

Stoane Lighting ZTA

Edinburgh-based luminaire manufacturer Stoane Lighting has won two King’s Awards for Enterprise, one for its sustainable development and one for innovation.

The Sustainable Development prize acknowledges the company’s ‘sustainable practices, leadership and commitment to driving positive change within the lighting industry’.

The brand has long been an environmental pioneer in the sector. In 2021 it won two prestigious Build Back Better Awards, one Green, one Platinum, for its ZTA spotlight range.

The King’s Award for Innovation also recognises the ZTA as a product designed for the circular economy and for lowest environmental impact.

In a statement on social media, the company said it was ‘an honour’ to be recognised at such a high level.

‘This hard won and rare double achievement acknowledges that we are heading in the right direction, from the forefront of the lighting industry’s sustainability conversation. There is plenty work still to be done, but such recognition certainly inspires and energises us to keep moving forwards.

‘We continue to challenge greenwash and innovate luminaire design for circularity and lowest environmental impact, as well as providing pioneering support to the industry through various initiatives.

‘We are committed to driving positive change and setting new standards for sustainability, whilst still designing relevant equipment, relishing the making, and celebrating the collaborations.’

The ZTA  can be disassembled, repaired and rebuilt many times over using every day accessible tools. It can also be repurposed for another space or use.

The style of the product is deliberately minimalist to ensure that it does not succumb to fashion; to remain in use for many years to come, regardless of constantly moving trends.

ZTA is designed to use the least amount of plastic components, minimise waste and to be manufactured as close as possible to its headquarters in Edinburgh.

Components, light engines, accessories and all subsequent parts are sought from minimal distances.

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