Storing waste lamps and electricals during the corona crisis

Waste lamp collections

Organisations providing essential services during the lockdown continue to operate, although in a difficult environment, whilst applying appropriate social distancing requirements.  Such organisations can be expected to continue producing waste lamps, electricals and batteries.  Recolight have announced help with storage of the additional waste, and the Environment Agency has published guidance for sites that may exceed their permits during the current lockdown period.

The Recolight Network for dropping off small quantiles of waste lamps is temporally closed.

waste lamp recycling

This may result in some waste containers reaching capacity. In such situations, Recolight can supply an additional container to allow the safe storage of additional waste.

In addition, on 6 April, the Environment Agency announced that where a collection point operates a permitted site, that site may temporarily store more waste than the permit allows, but only for wastes covered by the permit.  Recolight collection points that do not operate under an S2 exemption will benefit from this change.

The Recolight team of WEEE experts are available to offer specialist waste storage advice and can be contacted by email via .

Government Guidance > Exceeding waste storage limits at permitted sites because of COVID-19: RPS C2

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