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The light made from castor oil

MEET THE table lamp made from a bioplastic derived from castor oil.

The warm touch of the w182 Pastille comes from its renewable and recyclable high-performance material – a bio-polyamide based on over 60 per cent biologically sourced material from the castor plant.

Some are saying the material shows a lot of promise for the lighting industry.

The Pastille, designed by London studio Industrial Facility, takes a simple form of a hand-sized circle suspended on a slim post.

By fluidly rotating upwards, downwards, and around its own axis, w182 Pastille freely articulates surfaces to create soft, diffused light as well as gentle yet clear definition.

Thanks to the balance between its 6W CoB LED light source, a large reflector and a generous concave diffuser, w182 Pastille provides a spread of warm, soft illumination.

The warm white module delivers a lumen package of 690lm at a source luminous efficacy of 115 lm/W, which results in a luminaire luminous flux of 494 lm and a luminaire luminous efficacy of 82 lm/W.

The smooth dimming is controlled with a touch of the button on top of the vertical pole.

w182 Pastille is adaptable to a variety of spatial conditions while taking up minimal space.

In addition to the classic desk model, a range of mounting options allow it to be clamped to a desk or shelf, attached to a wall, placed on a floor, or integrated into a desk or wall surface with no visible cable.

Industrial Facility, headed up by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin,  has developed production projects for companies ranging from Yamaha and Issey Miyake to Herman Miller and Mattiazzi.

The company is probably best known for its 20-year design partnership with Muji Japan.

Ray Molony

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