Circular Lighting Report

Why our business model isn’t sustainable, by Rebel Light

A realisation that its business model of importing and distributing luminaires in the Nordics wasn’t sustainable in a circular economy has led Rebel Light to introduce an ambitious reconditioning and reuse scheme.

Rickard Lundell is Sales and Marketing Director of Rebel Light, ‎an award-winning lighting distributer working in the Nordic regions; Creating circularity in lighting.

‘There’s no reason to just sit back and wait for anyone else to do this,’  Rebel Light’s sales and marketing director Rickard Lundell tells the Circular Lighting Report. ‘This is going to happen’.

‘In order to move towards sustainable lighting, we need to enter the Circular Economy. To be active in the Circular Economy we need to lengthen the life of products we’re selling.  We realised the model we were using with importing products, was in itself, not sustainable. It had to stop.’

He discusses the Reuse, Renew, Rebel scheme in this special video short.



‘We launched a new service, with a 20 year guarantee with each manufacture we work with. We have about 100 products at the moment, all of them come with a 20 year service agreement where the manufacturer will supply its original components. So we can change the luminaires without affecting the EMC testing or CE marks. The product can live for 20 years.’

Ray Molony

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