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TM66 scores protected in next edition

Bob Bohannon at Circular Lighting Live 2023

Manufacturers who have published TM66 ratings for their luminaires will not need to recalculate for future editions, one of the co-authors of the standard has declared.

Bob Bohannon, head of policy and sustainability at the Lighting Industry Association and, with Kristina Allison, one of the original authors of the circularity metric, told the Circular Lighting Live 2023 conference in London that future editions won’t lead to new ratings.
‘If you’ve gone through TM66 Assured, your scores are protected,’ he told the audience. ‘There will be changes and improvements because it’s an iterative process but use it now because the climate needs it.’
He said the major decision for the TM66 team was if it stays a metric or if it becomes a standard. Bohannon hinted that his preference was for the former. ‘A great thing about a metric is that it allows people the flexibility to come up new ideas, and I would really love to protect that.
‘At some time in future years I think we can really lock it in more.’
The next iteration – dubbed ‘Release 1’ and expected in the coming months – will be shaped by a panel of founding partners including lighting design practices, engineering consultants, organisations and manaufacturers. It will go through a Cibse approval process.
The biggest changes will be with the Circular Economy Assessment Methods, which will have greater clarity to reduce the room for incorrect interpretation.
‘We need less opportunities for people to ask “what does that question actually mean?”’.
Bohannon said he wanted to retain the ability to come up novel solutions to problems using evidence.
‘There are different valid ways of getting a good score,’ said Bohannon.
He promised a ‘more sophisticated handling of supply chains in future editions to reflect the reality of our industry’.
‘Durabilty is key. The circular economy is not just about repairability. Otherwise it would mean you could make a really lousy product and just keep repairing it. That’s not a great idea. Instead wee should be making really good quality products that last.’
Special versions of TM66 are also in the pipeline for emergency lighting, facilities management and lighting controls.

Ray Molony

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