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UK start-up creates lights from clothes hangers

Spared lamps made from recycled plastic

UK-based start-up company Spared has unveiled a range of table lamps made from recycled plastic coat hangers, solvent-free gypsum and 3D-printed plastic made from sugarcane.

The Xou lamp, its first lighting product, was created in collaboration with local lighting company houseof.

The lamp is made from two carefully selected materials which cross section each other.

A unique composite material developed by Volume made from solvent free gypsum and recycled post consumer plastic waste to create an exclusive terrazzo design.

The second cross section is 3D printed and made from bio plastic, naturally sourced from sugar cane and is biodegradable.

Customers are encouraged to return the lamp at its end of life to continue the circular approach and mindset.

Spared is a start-up by Volume Creative, born from a desire to support brands in reusing their own waste in their own environments.

The founders of the company are designers by trade.

Spared works with local companies to clean and chip the waste plastic to get it to a suitable size to be used as aggregate or for filament for 3D printing.

Pre-chipped plastic can also be purchased from clean tech recycling companies.
‘By choosing to work with us, brands are helping to contribute towards our vision to grow and create big change but most importantly they are taking proactive action against waste and its impact on our planet,’ said a spokesman for the firm. ‘The waste becomes a base aggregate and we can then transform it into something purposeful, unique and beautiful.    
We can create nearly anything – surfaces, sculptures, objects and furniture.
‘We see waste as an opportunity. Over two billion tons of waste end up in landfill every year.

;We use our design expertise to provide innovative solutions for waste, so it’s spared from landfill and re-purposed into something beautiful, giving it another life.

‘We are storytellers and we help our clients thread meaningful stories into their brand by using waste to create beautiful objects. This could be bespoke retail plinths, reception desks, sculptures, fixed furniture and more.’

All Spared products and materials are made and manufactured in the UK.

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Ray Molony

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