Circular Lighting Report

“We’re seeing harder to achieve metrics across the Middle East”

Sustainability in the built environment is rapidly rising up the agenda in the Middle East and lighting professionals are in turn demanding higher performance luminaires and controls from manufacturers.

In this video short, Circular Lighting Report editor Ray Molony talks to leading Middle East lighting designer Faraz Izhar about the direction of travel in the region and when ‘circularity’ will become an issue.

“Everybody wants their project to be tagged as special when it comes to the sustainability so we’re seeing LEED Gold and Estidama Pearl becoming more prevalent on specifications”, says Izhar.

Furthermore, he says that:

“Environmental metrics for luminaires such as TM66 and TM65 are ‘on the radar.”

“People are looking into it and with the role of the circular economy on the rise, people are beginning to ask questions.”

Ray Molony

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