Domestic light fittings and the WEEE regulations

Domestic light fittings (household luminaires) come into scope of the WEEE regulations in January 2019. This means producers will need to comply with the regulations and join a compliance scheme.

The introduction of Dual Use classification in 2015 meant that light fittings which could be used either commercially or in the home were classified as household. Therefore, a large number of lighting products weren’t covered by the WEEE regulations. Consequently, there was no recycling target and no process for funding the safe disposal of the waste light fittings.

household luminaires in scope of UK WEEE regulations from Jan 2019WEEE obligations for producers of household luminaires

In the WEEE regulations, a producer is a manufacturer, importer or re-brander. The producer of  household luminaires must join a WEEE compliance scheme by  November 2018. The compliance scheme will take on the producers WEEE obligations by funding the recycling of products. All products must be marked with the crossed wheelie bin symbol, and information made available to recyclers of their composition.

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