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Flos joins ultra-minimal trend with stark table lamp

Flos To-Tie

Italian lighting design giant Flos has joined the trend towards minimalist luminaires with the launch of a range of adhesive-free table lamps which are easily demounted and recycled.

The To-Tie light has been reduced to its minimal components, says its designer Guglielmo Poletti.

It comprises three distinct parts: a solid aluminum bar that contains the LED light source, a borosilicate glass body and a textile-wrapped cable that ties everything together through mechanical tension alone.

The handle doubles as the light source. Instead of fixings or glue, it’s held in place by mechanical tension of the conductors.
Poletti worked on the piece for six years, always trying to reduce it to its fundamentals. Nothing is superfluous and every element serves at least one function. He believes its ‘conceptual purity’ contributes to its sustainability credentials.

The design follows an industry trend towards luminaires which comprise simple elements which can be easily replaced by a user to keep the light in use indefinitely.

The 7W multi-LED diffuser in fabricated in a specially designed white polycarbonate to avoid the multi shadow effect and dazzle of LED modules.

‘Rather than the single ‘eureka’ inspiration, I believe in the consistency of research—the challenge is to diversify the outcomes,’ says Poletti. ‘The development long process allows the lamp to achieve a conceptual purity and incorporate several layers of meaning.’

There are three sizes in the range, T1 (19cm high), T2 (34cm high) and T3 (22cm high).

Milan-based Poletti founded his design studio in 2016 after graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where he earned an MA in Contextual Design. He has collaborated with a number of internationally renowned brands such as Flos, Desalto and Galleria Rossana Orlandi, among others.

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