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Signify SON retrofit takes sustainability to the streets

Philips True force

Signify’s latest LED replacement lamp for traditional high-pressure sodium lamps cuts energy use by some 60 per cent per luminaire.

The True Force Core LED Road Lamp is a direct retrofit for the hugely popular SON-T lamp, which has been used to illuminate the UK’s roads for decades.

The sources have been designed to have the same lamp size and light distribution as other HID lamps. They also have an IP65 ingress protection rating for outdoor applications.

The lamp features high-power LED filament technology with a clear glass finish and a uniform light distribution. It features 2 KV surge protection.

It comes in 17W, 26W and 40W options. The latter is similar in output to a traditional 100W high pressure sodium lamp.

The 26W has a colour temperature of 3000K, a lumen package of 4200lm with an efficiency of 161 lm/W. The rated colour rendering index (CRI) is 70.

Installers are reminded that the lamp is a direct to mains light source, and electronic and electromagnetic gear, igniters and capacitors need to be removed or bypassed if retrofitting.

A review by eFIXX, the electrician’s YouTube channel, has estimated that retrofitting a standard street light with a 40W lamp will save around £120 per fitting per year.

That’s based on a 100W sodium lamp and its gear taking a combined power draw of 115W.  For 4,000 annual burning hours, that’s a total of 460 kWh every year. With the True Force Core LED Road Lamp this falls to 160 kWh.

Costing the saving of 300 kWh per year at 40p per kWh gives the annual saving of £120.

eFIXX estimates the return on investment being between six to eight months. Crucially, this can take the investment from capital investment budgets to operational budgets.

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