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Signify unveils retail light made from 68% bio plastic

Philips StoreFlow

Signify has unveiled a retail luminaire with a housing made of more than 68% bio-based plastics.

 The Philips-branded StoreFlow was created for illuminating shopping aisles so that they are lit the brightest at eye level and have a smooth vertical gradient, while maintaining good illumination from the top of the shelf to the bottom.

The company describes it as ‘high contrast’ lighting which delivers an engaging lit environment for shoppers.

StoreFlow is designed for lowest weight and lowest volume to limit transportation-related CO2 emissions. It’s also been engineered to be easy to dismantle at the end of its life. No glue or potted electronics are used

It also boasts a high-efficacy light engine with luminous efficacy of 120 lm/W for all configurations, with some as high as 140 lm/W. The company also says that as its optics provide optimal light distribution, its design reduces the number of luminaires that are needed in a space and therefore overall installed power.

Serviceable drivers connect the StoreFlow to different Interact systems, enabling features such as multisite management, scene management and lighting management. It’s upgradable, reusable, recyclable and easy to repair and replace thanks to the Service tag QR-based identification system, says Signify.

The retail accent light complements other sustainable luminaires from the firm, including the Philips MS Projector, MS Pendant and Surface-mounted and GreenSpace Perfect Fit downlights which have a housing made of 65 per cent post-industrial recycled materials.

‘Our ambition is to use at least 55 per cent recycled or mass balanced bio-circular waste or residues for all our printed parts by 2024,’ Riemer Adema, head of 3D product management at Signify, told the Circular Lighting Report. ‘This decreases the use of fossil fuels and helps to preserve the earth’s precious resources.’

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