Webinar Replay | Number 2 in the Lighting & the Circular Economy series

How lighting sector can reduce its environmental impact

The second  Lighting and the Circular Economy webinar, organised by Recolight, was held on 14 July 2020. Speakers challenged the industry to set ambitious goals and explore how innovative product design can have a positive impact on sustainability.

Introduction from Ray Molony
Online editor – Lux Review

Challenging the lighting industry to be more sustainable
John Bullock – The Light Review

Consume less, waste less. The Challenges of Designing for a Circular Economy’
Simon Fisher, Director, F Mark Ltd

Innovation, sustainability & the circular economy
Richard Garrett, Marketing Manager, Signify

Sustainable lighting solutions and challenges
Zoltán Pilter, Regulatory Affairs Manager, TUNGSRAM Group

The use of sustainable raw materials based on renewable resources
Russell Parr, Sales & Marketing Director, Primelight
Torsten Werner, Sales Manager, Elkamet

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Webinar recording and slide pack


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Why this topic is important to our panel

Torsten Werner_Sales Manager_Elkamet

“As a manufacturer and supplier of the Lighting Industry it is important for us to present new possibilities for product developments together with our customers. The circular economy at the same time gives us the chance to do something for the environment and promote renewable resources as an alternative to established raw materials.”
Torsten Werner, Sales Manager, Elkamet

Richard Garrett_marketing Manager_Signify

“Sustainability is a mega trend that will transform all industries over the coming 3-5 years. I feel the lighting industry is already having some fantastic conversations on the subject and I’m really looking forward to this webinar to see how further forward we can move this discussion. Innovation isn’t just about new products and services, it’s about innovation of thought, innovation of business strategy and innovation of business growth. Understanding the nuances of sustainability for our industry is key and I believe this webinar will help us all take the next steps towards this.”
Richard Garrett, Marketing Manager, Signify

John Bullock Publisher and Editor of The Light Review

“We’re being asked to imagine a New Normal. There’s no time like the Present to think again about the way that we do things. In fact – there is ONLY the Present, because in the Future it will be too late.”
John Bullock, The Light Review

Ray Molony Editor of Lux Review

“It’s vital that the industry has this conversation now if it’s to address its responsibility to the wider world. For too long the sector has been a rule-taker. These webinars can help us come up with a strategy that’s built from the bottom up.”
Ray Molony, Online editor – Lux Review

Simon Fisher Director F Mark

“This webinar will provide a thought provoking insight as to how to make your company, strategy, products, processes and outlook more sustainable and ready to embrace growth towards a circular economy”
Simon Fisher, Director, F Mark Ltd


Lighting & Circular Economy series

The first Recolight Webinar focused on what you need to know about new regulations & standards that will change lighting. We heard from Defra, Lighting Europe, and Recolight. Ray Molony of Lux Review concluded with a summary of action taken by the industry to develop sustainable products.

Third webinar in the Recolight Circular Economy series: moving towards a sustainable industry

Lighting & the Circular Economy Webinar _Third in the Recolight series_15 Sept_LISTEN TO REPLAY


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