Webinar replay | Number 1 in the Lighting & Circular Economy series

1st Recolight Webinar_Lighting & the Circular Economy _ summary and replayThe Recolight webinar held on 28 May 2020 gave an update on what you need to know about new regulations, standards and commercial requirements for lighting.

Defra’s Circular Economy Team, Lighting Europe, and Recolight provided an essential introduction to the changes. The webinar was introduced and chaired by Ray Molony.

Sustainability is rapidly moving from “The right thing to do to safeguard our planet” to “A must do to stay in business”. The earlier companies start, the more likely they are to be able to meet/exceed the new requirements.

Topics covered

  • the circular economy of lighting_RecolightOverview of Defra’s strategic aims for a circular economy
    James Butterworth, Circular Economy Team, Defra
    Matt Stocks, WEEE Regulations, Product Regulation and Producer Responsibility Team Defra
  • How EU laws and policies on sustainability are impacting lighting products
    Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General, LightingEurope
  • Impacts of the Waste Directive, WEEE, waste packaging and battery legislation
    Nigel Harvey, CEO Recolight
  • Overview of industry initiatives for adopting CE principles
    Ray Molony, Independent consultant in the lighting industry
  • A Q&A was chaired by Ray Molony

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Webinar replay and slide pack for 1st Recolight Webinar

Lighting and the circular economy webinar - listen to replay

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For the 2nd Recolight webinar in our Circular Economy series we looked at how the lighting sector can reduce its environmental impact

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The 3rd webinar in our Circular Economy series is scheduled for Tuesday 15 September. It will discuss the next steps needed for lighting to move towards a Circular Economy.

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