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Whitecroft publishes EPDs for Mirage 3

Whitecroft Mirage 3

Whitecroft Lighting has published environmental product declarations for its Mirage 3 Vitality Range.

The EPDs – published on the construction specialist EPD platform One Click LCA – cover the C165, C110, C79 and SQ165 variants and are designed to provide the company’s clients and specifiers with what the manufacturer terms transparent, third-party verified data about its products’ environmental impacts over their lifetime.

Mirage 3 Vitality is specially designed for a circular economy and offers independent Cradle to Cradle Certified® accreditation. The products can, says Whitecroft, be easily disassembled for future upgrades and meet material health requirements.

Mirage 3 comes in a selection of popular variants with light outputs ranging from 469 lumens to 4,003 lumens and efficacies of up to 125 lumens per circuit watt. It’s available in four reflector finishes, two colour temperatures (3000K and 4000K), four beam distributions and two colour rendering options.

The company holds a prestigious Build Back Better Awards green rating for its circular lighting initiative dubbed Vitality ReLight.

This incentives clients to consider retaining and reusing as much of the lighting components as possible in a lighting upgrade.
The focus instead in a lighting upgrade should be on how to regenerate the space, deliver improved light quality, enhance performance and help to meet net zero goals in a circular way.

Whitecroft says that uses Cradle to Cradle Certified materials wherever possible.

In addition, it is the only UK-based lighting manufacturer with a luminaire regeneration process certified by the British Standards Institute Kitemark.

It also says that it  has incorporated circular design principles into its product design, focusing on design choices, modularity, innovation and transparency of data to enable choices for the product beyond simply recycling.

The EPDs – published on EPD Hub – are also available for the firm’s Flight Vitality and the Cascade Flex Vitality.

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