circular economy of lighting

The lighting industry and the Circular Economy

Much is being published promoting Circular Economy principles of greater resource efficiency, but how does this impact the lighting industry? The model calls for reduction of waste, increasing the useful life of products, reusing and recycling more, and reducing reliance on virgin raw materials. Our old linear economy of take, make and dispose is becoming unsustainable.READ MORE >

EucoLight Managers Confernece 2016

First EucoLight conference looks at Circular Economy and LED recycling

EucoLight, the association of European Lighting WEEE compliance schemes held its first annual Conference and General Assembly this month in Chantilly, France.

The conference objective was to review and respond to the recycling challenges and opportunities of evolving lamp and lighting equipment.  Insight was received from the 60 delegates representing 16 lighting WEEE compliance scheme members of EucoLight and experts from European lighting manufacturers.READ MORE >

lighting business support for Producer Responsibility legislation and Circular Economy

Survey shows lighting business support for Producer Responsibility legislation and Circular Economy

A survey conducted by Recolight has shown that 81 per cent of respondents think that legislation should require Producers to take financial responsibility for the recycling of more of their products. The survey, which included responses from Recolight compliance scheme Members, Recolight Collection Points and LuxLive attendees, asked for opinions on current producer responsibility legislation.


EucoLight, European association for lighting WEEE compliance schemes

EucoLight delivers for lighting WEEE in 2015

EucoLight, the new lighting WEEE compliance scheme trade association has made good progress in its first year of operation.

Nigel Harvey, Chief Executive of Recolight, and a board member of EucoLight said today

“EucoLight now has members from 16 EU Member States, which gives the organisation a great deal of credibility when dealing with European institutions. We have already successfully raised a number of issues of concern to lighting WEEE compliance. This has included the data used to calculate lamp collection targets.”




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